Full Form of COC

Abbreviations/Full FormsCategory
Clash of ClansGames
Chamber of CommerceBusiness
Code of Conduct
Certificate of Compliance
Chain of Command
Certificate of Completion
College of the Canyons
Chain of Custody
Continuum of Care
Canadian Opera Company
Center of Concern
Certificate Of Conformance
Call Of Cthulhu (RPG)
Certificate of Conformity
Church of Christ
Christian Outreach Centre (church, Brisbane, Australia)
Certificate of Coverage
Combined Oral Contraceptive
Conference Call
Camp of Champions (Canada)
Corrosion of Conformity (band)
Certificate of Competency
Citizens Oversight Committee
Clerk of Courts (various states)
Chinese Olympic Committee
Cyclic Olefin Copolymer
Contaminant of Concern
Cost Of Capital
Change of Command (military)
Circle of Confusion (photography)
Convention over Configuration (software design paradigm)
Chemical of Concern (environmental contaminant)
Cleveland Open Cup
Constituents of Concern
Combat Operations Center
Council of Canadians (Lobby Group)
Center of Competence
Captains of Crush (Iron Mind; exercise hand gripper)
Change of Control
Council on Competitiveness
Conoco, Inc. (stock symbol)
Cumulus-Oocyte Complex
Committees of Correspondence
Course of Construction (insurance)
Committees Of Correspondence (NY national political organization)
Command Operations Center
Council of Chiefs (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
Contest of Champions (marching band competition)
Continuance of Certification
Commandant of Cadets
Conditions Of Carriage (airlines "fine print")
Cash On Cash
Cone of Cold (gaming, World of Warcraft)
Central Office Code (first 3 digits of a local phone number, the so-called Exchange or Prefix)
Commission on Certification
Council Of Colonels
Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst (oral pathology)
Cost-Of-Consumables Carnival of Carnage (band)
Community of Caring (est. 1980)
Colloidal Organic Carbon
City of Chester
Center on Cell (programming)
Central Office Connection
Canadian Orchid Congress
Commission of Colleges
Cycle of Concentration (water treatment)
Christ on A Crutch (punk rock band)
Customer Originated Change
Children of the Cathedral (Fallout game)
Conventional Oxidation Catalyst
Circle of Chaos
Country of Commencement (airlines)
Clouds Over California (DevilDriver song)
College of Chiropractors (various locations)
Coastside Opportunity Center
Corps Operations Center
Condition of Class (transport status)
Crucible of Carnage (World of Warcraft)
Centro Operativo Combinato (Italy)
Carry Over Credit
Carrier Own Container (shipping)
Control Officer Console (US Navy watch station for Naval Gun Fire support)
Crystals of Chaos (game)
Canadian Options Course
Computer Operations Center
Cultureel Ontspannings Centrum (Dutch: Culture and Recreation Center; Netherlands)
Cult of Cod
Current Operations Cell
Capital Approval Committee
Conventional Operating Current
Climb on Course
Continuity of Combustibility
Container Operations Center
Coalition Operations Center
Centralized Operational Control
Chart Overlay Copier
Church of Clancy (gaming community)
Cleaned Optics & Coronas (copier repair)
Customer Order Cycle
Central Operating Compartment (submarine)
Customer Order Confirmation (sales and receivables)
Cappuccino Owners Club
Cycle of Cooling
Cast Out Cookies
Cash Operating Cycle
Club Omnisports Châteauneuvois (French sports club)
Club des Ornithologues de Châteauguay (French: Châteauguay Ornithology Club; Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada)
Committee on Curriculum (various universities)
Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food
Consumer Products and the Environment (UK)
Centre Omnisport de Chennevières (French sports club)
Chabossière Olympique Club (French sports club)
Club Olympique Castelnaudais (French sports club)
Clan Owners Club (automobile club; est. 1978)
Chamber of Chat (Harry Potter fan site)
Chief of Chaplains
Cost of Conformance (Cost of Quality component)
Club Olympique Creusot Bourgogne (French rugby club)
Club Omnisports Couronnais (French sports club)
Club Olympique Courbevoie Hockey sur Glace (French ice hockey club)
Conference Organizing Committee (various organizations)
Center of Curvature (geometry)
Club Omnisports des Coteaux (French sports club)
Church of the Covenant (various locations)
Community Outreach Center (various organizations)
Contraceptifs Oraux Combinés (French: Combined Oral Contraceptives)
Creators of Carnage (gaming clan)
Ceramic-on-Ceramic (orthopedics)

Full Form of COC: Clash of Clans

Description: Clash of Clans is one of the most famous mobile strategy games by Supercell. Like any other clan game it provides gamer with a Town Hall and later a Clan Castle to connect with other players. A player can participate in multiplayer battles, fight against goblins in story-map or participate in clan battles to win gold and elixir. With each level upgrade a player unlocks new buildings, new troops, spells and powerful upgrades for troops, buildings and spells. The game also has King, Queen and Grand Warden as three super-heroes which can be unlocked starting from level 7. It is the most played mobile strategy game of 2016.

Full Form of COC: Chamber of Commerce

Description: Chamber of commerce is a local body formed by coming together of business men. The objective of a COC is to safeguard the business interest of participating businessmen. Since a chamber of commerce is a non-governmental organization, it cannot define laws and has no direct say in formation of laws, however it can vouch for the interest of businessmen while a law is being formed. Many of the chambers are partially funded by government, however many are run solely by member businessmen. Chambers define their working region as city, state, national and even international, with varying number of members.

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