Full Form of Computer


Full Form of COMPUTER: Derived from Latin word “computus” and “computare” which, in English, means “to compute” i.e., to determine by mathematical means.

However, over the time people have formed different abbreviations/full form of computer on their own, based upon the works/tasks that can be achieved using a computer, one such example is: Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research. However, keep in mind that no such full form of computer is marked official.

A computer is basically  a general purpose hardware device/ machine which can be programmed to carry out arithmetic and logical computations automatically. Earlier computers were mechanical, though faster than the normal human speed they were not as efficient as the modern computers which are based on IC (Integrated Circuits) and also occupied much larger spaces(usually they required a complete room for one computer) and had high cooling requirements. Modern computers occupy a fraction of space required by mechanical computers and can be easily hand-held e.g. our mobile phones. Also, modern computers are million to billion times more efficient than the mechanical ones, and have lesser cooling requirements.

  • Charles Babbage, an English mechanical engineer and polymath, is considered as the “father of the computer” as he was the one who first invented the mechanical computer in the early 19th century.
  • A computer has four main components namely : Control Unit(CU), Central Processing Unit(CPU), Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU) and the Memory.
  • Mandatory hardware parts of a computer include : VDU(Visual Display Unit)/Monitor, Mouse, CPU,  Keyboard.
  • Optional hardware parts of a computer include : Printer, Microphone, Speaker, UPS, Headphones, Joystick, etc.
  • With the advancement of technology, miniaturization of computers has led to the invention of many more similar and highly modified computers like : Laptops, Palmtops, Digital Diaries, Mobile(Smart) Phones, Tablet, PDAs, Wearable Computers, Portable Computers.
Image of a Modern Computer- Full Form of Computer
Image of a Modern Computer- Full Form of Computer

A computer helps to solve problems exactly in the way it has been programmed to irrespective of the efficiency, alternative solutions, possible shortcuts or possible errors in the code. This use of computer is technically called as “Artificial Intelligence”.  That is how a computer proves to be one of the most intelligent objects that a human brain has devised.