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Full Form of SC: Supreme Court

Description: Supreme Court is the highest honorary court of a country as per the legal judicial system. It should be noted that not all countries have a supreme court and in a few countries court’s with this name might not be the highest court. Being the highest court means its decision cannot be challenged in any other court. Supreme court functions as an appellate court i.e. verdicts from lower courts are presented for final review here.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Full Form of SC: Scheduled Caste

Description:¬†As per Indian constitution Scheduled Caste is a group of socially deprived(disadvantaged) class of people of India. As per population¬†consensus of 2011, people from scheduled caste represent about 16.6% of India’s total population. People from scheduled castes are regarded as untouchables by the scriptures and society. Recently, various constitutional arrangements and quotas(for employment and education) are formed to ensure equal opportunities to people belonging to Scheduled Caste.